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Vocational Qualification in Restaurant and catering services | Cook

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The scope of the Vocational Qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services is 180 competence
points. The qualification is composed of vocational units (145 competence points) and common units
(35 competence points).
The qualification contains a compulsory unit, or working in catering services (20 competence points),
two compulsory units in each competence area (65 competence points in total) and optional units
amounting to 60 competence points.

Programme structure

Competence area of Food Services
A cook who has completed the qualification knows how to

  • work in food preparation tasks at restaurants with different business ideas or missions or in public sector units
  • prepare tasty, nutritious and wholesome food, taking special diets into account
  • set out food as individual plated dishes or dishes for a large group of customers.




Career opportunities

A cook who has completed the competence area of food services works at restaurants or in the
catering sector, staff canteens, cafés, catering companies, freight and passenger ships as well as
institutional kitchens.

Jobs can be found in the entire North Karelia region, especially in the Joensuu and Koli regions. There is a huge shortage of skilled labor in restaurant and catering services. The Koli area is an evolving nature tourism destination that aims to increase the number of visitors tenfold over the coming decades. For skilled labour there is lot of work to be done.

Access to the next level of education/training.
The qualification confers eligibility for higher education studies.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment