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Optional studies

1. Sport experiences.
Trying out different sports such as hiking, canoeing and cycling. The module can be arranged either in Finland or in Estonia.

2. Internationalisation, culture and languages.
The module strengthens the students’ international competence and includes a trip to a European country.

3. High school diplomas in visual arts and physical education.

4. Visual arts, music and physical education.
The modules include for instance:

- ‘‘penkkari or bench pressing’ (an event where graduating students or ‘abit’ as they are called in Finland dress in funny costumes, have a gala and drive around in lorries throwing candy)

- playing in a band

- ‘wanhat tanssit’ (a formal prom where the 2nd year students celebrate their new role as the oldest of the school).

5. Refresher courses for senior year students (different subjects)

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment